Another End Time Sociology Study: Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy would be around 70 years old today.. which is another clue how long we have been under the specific end time attack on children and homes through technology enhanced evil.

In my general fascination with sociology and deceptions of the end times, every time I see a reference to Bundy, I recognize that his life was used as an important sign of the times to our generations in so many ways. He is the text book demon possessed sexual psychopath who can pass to many people as ‘normal’, and a warning on many levels.

Many times in my study of psychopathy, I will discover a pattern of the way satan works with the fallen nature of mankind, and will say, Wow, that is another situation where Ted is the textbook.

He is also an important sign to this generation that we have NOT ‘evolved’ with evolutionary processes past the old “outdated superstitious book” of the Holy Bible.

Every word in the Bible is true, there is and always will be evil and demonic possession, we are in a war, and God is coming back with judgment. Evolution is a lie.

This interview with Bundy the day before his execution (if you follow the link below), is a prime example of people having the idea that they are ‘raising children up in the way they should go’ .. when they really aren’t… because children are now raised by communities, each other, worldly media sources, and many satanic end time sources aimed at the family (which if you mention them, you are ‘crazy’).

The homes are destroyed and whatever parents, grandparents, or great grandparents are left raising the children are completely overwhelmed by outside pressures and demands, which make raising children that much more difficult– by design!!

Things are not always what they appear on the outside, and the way the homes are set up today (set up since before we were born), into a model that is meant to be more damaging with each generation until the foundations have been completely destroyed.


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