End Time War Heroes

First of all, it’s hard to write and listen to YouTube at the same time. But I will manage as I always do, because I’m a bit of a YT-aholic! MKay …

Coincidentally with the season of remembering war heroes, I had a dream last night that I was in a country that was under constant bombardment. I was thinking that this must be like Libya, but I could tell it was not. Those of us who were being bombed, were constantly bombed while attempting to going about normal life. Most of the bombs killed noone, but left people stressed, crippled, and unable to function in a whole and healthy way. It was not a good life, but a life of constant unrest and bare existence.

I am not really sure if there is a direct connection, but it did remind me of a catalog that I made months ago of the unique end time stresses that we live under. While we think that the Isis attacks and Tripoli massacres happen in “those countries over there on TV”, many have lost their lives and vitality to these stresses, even in our own country.

I believe it is important to take a minute to remember what time we are really in, and the reason that we are seeing the strange things we see today that are not normal, and are growing to a larger scale than ever before. We need to know so that we understand that we are at war everyday, to remain vigilant, and to be motivated to limit the evil and overcome through God and his ways. This also helps us to recognize and support each other and fight together as the war heroes we are, instead of turning against each other in lack of understanding:

– Heroes of political oppression, losing our children and family to useless wars over greed and lies; Our money taken to bomb children, abort children, dangerous and harmful experiment on ourselves, poison our health; ISM’s of the past 100 years to control and kill homes, faith and lives (Socialism, Communism, Nazism, HyperCapitalism); Depopulation agendas (wars, plagues, poison of food water, air, medicine); Human Traficking and Slavery; Government harassment of many forms of our freedom, faith, homes and life

– Heroes who have fallen to the modern education systems, scammed into student loan debt for useless and misguided brainwashing and mind control disguised as “higher” education; Dividing of the Mind; hiding true history; “dumbing us down”; keep rich spiritual culture and truth from our youth, further destroying the foundations; Blinding spirits of Atheism, Humanism, Paganism, Evolution Theory darkening our surroundings more than we realize

– Heroes of the War Industry, Wars and Rumors of Wars since WWI; secret and public assassinations; False flags, staged shootings/bombings; ISIS secret intelligence operation to build final world religion of radical form of Islam; witness mass execution of Christians; Civil war/race wars to divide us; Lying media propaganda programs; increase fear, strife, legislation, power grabs, strangling our life, wealth, resources.

– Heroes of Weather Wars, Rod of God, Haarp/Gwen, Chemtrailing, Manmade Earthquakes/Fukishima and loss of the Pacific Ocean; Genetic Modification of food and biology; Causing Mental breakdowns, Suicides, Cancers and Autism skyrocket, Food shortages, economic loss, stress and cutbacks

– Heroes of spiritual attack; Unseen attacks; Attacks of wolves, dogs and tares in church; Promotion of world religions that all have demonic origins – while mockery of God; deception, brainwash, blindness through infiltrating the churches, many modern seminaries and so called higher education and science; Greasy grace, seeker friendly, “tolerance” and “don’t judge” movement; Multiple Bible versions in preparation of Antichrist, manipulation of teaching truth, and division of the Church; denominationalising the church; Drugs free love rock and roll spiritism, charismatic, new age movements of the 60’s; peer pressure, hopelessness, drugs, and rebellion released after foundations destroyed; Hollywood, TV, music, sports, movies “news” and celebrity/entertainment worship, pornography forced into the home through technology, peer pressure and many social sources; ecumenical movement; Alien Deception (Ancient Aliens, Dan Brown); Freemasonry; Heroes who talk/warn about these things are labeled “divisive” and “crazy”

– Heroes of other attacks on the Home; Destruction of the family design; men are not men, women are not women and it is “normal and healthy” for children to rebel against authority; Women not allowed to be mothers; financial pressure; social services pressure; peer pressure; great grandparents now raising the children more and more; everyone but the parents raise the children; the Fornication/Abortion Industrial Complex promoted by all the above; Brain damaging babies with vaccines and other chemicals to demasculate, cripple, and kill

If you read through these, a lot of this may seem like it is far above your head. Stuff that happens very far away. In another country. Not in your church, not in the life of anyone you know. Not in your house. If you look closer, you will realize that this actually explains a WHOLE LOT of what is going wrong in your world. You and many people you know are heroes or fallen heroes of these end time attacks.

Now you should have a deeper urgency to shun the world and follow the ways of God. Come out from among them and be separate and hide in God to receive protection. Find that sanctuary in your life with God away from evil. Even when it comes to your house, you will be in the hiding place where evil can never truly touch you. When the rains come and beat on your house, and it will, however your body gives up to death, and it will, this is when you will know if you are build on the rock or the sand.

We are past the generation in which the foundations have been destroyed. We are now living in the time that requires the Patience and the Faith of the Saints. We do not have to wait until we are standing in an execution line, being told we can escape if we renounce our faith. We are already under a serious level of attack in our lives. We are already here.

The enemy tries to introduce the attack so subtly and slowly that we are trapped in a normalcy bias and never recognize what time we are really in or what the answer is. If we never realize the war we are in and the calling of being born into these times, and if we are at the same time drunken and weakened by worldly influences, then we will be more easily fooled into giving up and losing out.

Now is the time to be closer to God than ever before. Turning to God is our only hope. If we don’t turn to God, we will just be another victim of time and circumstance, and there is no hope in this world.

It has gotten to the point that almost everyone that I know, especially the ones that are staying in the Good Fight, are war heroes to me. You are Soldiers and Sacred Witnesses of the unique evil of our time.

Your testimony is being written down, even when you feel forgotten or alone. Your voice is heard and will be heard in the courts of heaven until the day that justice and victory is revealed.

Remember the words of our Faithful Battle Buddy and War Hero- Lord Jesus:
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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