A Few Tests For Narcissism

Today I have 2 Narcissistic Tests for you. In the study of Narcissism type problems, I am convinced if we are eradicating it from the earth, we must start with ourselves. (P.S. I am not ‘aiming this’ at anyone, I am merely obsessed) One of the best lessons from this evil, is to fight all signs of it, starting in the mirror. So important.

First Narc test. When you are having life issues, is there a close confidante or friend you can go to and vent or talk to? Someone you’ve known for a long time? When you are a Cluster B, people who have known you for a long time are not people that you are intimate with, or who can help you. You are likely too destructive to everyone around you. I’m not talking about butt kissers or flying monkeys, or people you are playing the mind games on, but people you feel intimate with and share compassion with. Not everyone has such a close friend, so that is not a sure sign. But if everyone from your past are people who steer clear from you all the time or have a distance from you if you try to share something personal, one or both of you has the issues.

For the second test, watch the video at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYcSeG8OkWw. Then read my comments below to see how you score on the test.


After watching the above video:

If you would rather not see these things happen, it is not funny, these people are childish and need to grow up, you feel for the woman who was targeted in the video, and do not want to see that again, you are Deeply Empathetic. Be careful, because Psychopathic persons can smell your blood, and you are a high probability target for bullying and cruelty.

If you giggled a little bit, understood that everyone had intentions of humor, but could have gone without seeing this, then you are Empathetic, and possibly projecting your good humor onto Sadistic people!

If you laughed and wanted to watch it over and over, be careful.. you may have low empathy, low compassion, low mercy levels, or may have autism or similar disorder, with difficulty putting yourself in other people’s shoes (Perspective Taking).

Entertainment like this is the worst about promoting narcissism in so many ways, I wont start writing about it here, it would take at least 3 more pages. So, if you find yourself laughing too much, be aware, you may have also been trained over time to have lower empathy levels. The good news is you can be aware and choose empathy in the future. I hope. If you can’t or won’t choose and feel empathy, then at least you are now aware there is a real problem.


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